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Career Counselling

Most of the students are in a dilemma about various career options to choose from, especially after intermediate and under graduation. We have made an exhaustive list, of course, for most of the Qualifications & specializations. We Provide the information Kazakhstan based Medical University on Quality of Study/ Programs Available/ Future Prospects/ Costs / Recognition of Degree etc.

Admission Guidance

Document Required At The Time Of Admission Proces

  • The original mark sheet and certificate of 10th and 12th examination
  • Passport copy
  • NEET qualified certificate
  • Two passport size photos (white background, color photo)
  • Admission letter from University
  • Invitation letter from University
  • Visa from the Kazakhstann Embassy
  • Medical fitness certificate

University selection

Nakshmedi Shortlists The University As Per The Following Criteria

  • Ranking of Institution: The ranking methodology and it differs as per the ranking institution, it does provide an insight into the quality of Institution. We always keep it in our provision while selecting the Universities.
  • Accreditation of the Institution: This is amid the most crucial factor in the selection of the universities. It considers the quality of Institution and recognition of degree. Nakshmedi makes sue that we apply to only MCI recognized, WHO Affiliated, and well-accredited institutions.
  • Academic Percentage: An essential factor in the selection of University, as it considers the performance of the student in his area of study.
  • Scores in NEET
  • Budget: Before selection of the Medical University Nakshmedi normally speak to student’s parents to get an estimate about the tuition fee budget. While shortlisting, we make you sure that we cling to the budget.
  • Location in Kazakhstan: We ask the students if they have a specific location choice in Kazakhstan. We try to select universities in the vicinity of the location.
  • Campus welfare: Safety is paramount and a significant worry for students and parents. We ensure that all the City, University, and nearby areas are safe and don’t have any history of violence.
  • Opportunities for Part-Time Jobs: Most of the students look for an opportunity to work part-time while studying. Part-time is allowed only on campus in the USA, so we look for universities that are large enough to have opportunities for on-campus jobs.
  • Feedback from Existing Students and es-students: It’s always the best way to know first hand about a particular University. We make sure that we are in touch with existing students who are studying there and give realtime feedback to prospective students.
  • Weather: We provide the information about the prevailing weather conditions over there as many students aren’t able to tolerate extreme cold.

Course Selection

New Era believe course is a exclusive mix of numerous diverse ingredients — from the subjects to object. Whether you’re still considering possible courses, tossup between fields of study or have no idea what kind of career you wish able in Medical line. Where in New era capable to help find the most effectual course for you and manage your university application.

Here’s some few tips :-

Discover your strength and wellbeing

Pick a pencil/pen and write down your interests and ability, what you can or what will you require from your upcoming future. Targeting that how you can be promising and pursuing your career in a whole. During the entire course of your interest and ability you will get enough time to take the get one, which you want to pursue.

For example, if you are good with figure, you can select for courses in accounting or business study. On the same way, you are disposed between the Medical sector or the corporal treatment, nursing as well as pathology create for enormous option.

Explore widely

New era believe and guide to their students with the help of counseling how to get figure out of your study in abroad.

Once you decided that what you are looking with your future, then note down the para meter or criteria for pursue the same. Either you have full fill the criteria? If you are not matching the criteria then you can change your stream. This may be taking time to decided , but it will help you get your better future.

Our qualified counsellors are experts at considerate your study aim and will help you to get the best matches for your future/ career ambition.

What kind of sector you choice for your study?

When you reach such stage, for believing us, as it is very much able to know, what kind of learning policy you are able to understand. It will help you out for your selection of universities that we offer MBBS course in Kazakhstan.

Is the course affordable?

It is very much important to understand the cost and it is affordable to you for your education as well as to take a final decision where you want to study. New Era also provide scholarship for student, who are good in their study and getting more than 95% marks in 12th standard.

Our New Era counsellor will provide all information to their students timely, when and how the MBBS in Kazakhstan process will going on.

Documentation Assistance

Passport Assistance

Nakshmedi assists you completely while applying for the passport. we offer you with the admission letter that helps in acquiring the passport on Tatkal(immediate) Basis.

Education Loan

Nakshmedi provides you with all the required documentations which give assistance in getting the tutorial loans.

Legalization of Documents

At Nakshmedi, we assist you with the attestations, translations, and every one the opposite documentation procedures of the scholar which are required to finish the admission procedure.

Visa Assistance

Visa is the legal entry permit to your required destination. To entry in Kazakhstan, candidates need to apply a student visa to study MBBS, which would be stamped in a passport by the Kazakhstann embassy, India. Nakshmedial consultants’ experts will help you with the visa process.

Documents required for the student visa ( Kazakhstan ):

  • Passport (Original)
  • Photocopy Of Present Passport (Front And Back Page)
  • Two Recent Passport Photographs (White Background, Colour Photo), Size (3.5*4.5) Cm
  • Invitation Letter From University
  • Hiv Test Certificate, Medical Fitness Certificate, Covid Test.
  • Applications Form Fill Up.
  • Appointment

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance/ Foreign Exchange: After getting a visa from the Kazakhstann Embassy in India, the student needs to book his air tickets, pay his tuition fee, arrange for foreign exchange for his living, and miscellaneous expenditures. Nakshmedi helps the students to get the best rates for Air Tickets and foreign exchange. Nakshmedi also helps students for FOREX cards and travel Insurance, which is useful during the initial stages. We have done institutional agreements with the following: Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Private Forex Finance Companies like THOMAS COOK.

Pre Departure

Pre-Departure Familiarization: Going abroad to study is very different from going abroad for a short holiday. The students have to ready mentally and ready to adopt a new culture, education system, food, weather, friend circle, etc. We at Nakshmedi provide the student with guidance about

  • How to Handle Culture blow- Many students in the initial stage are shocked by the differences in culture, weather, food, gender equality, education system, etc.
  • This often leads to withdrawal symptoms wherein they refuse to socialize or leave the evident safety of their rooms. The doziness often impedes this phenomenon, and many times students fail to recover. It’s essential that the student knows the difficulties and can reach competent authorities at the University (if required). Nakshmedi provides literature and ways to be better prepared for it.
  • Accommodation and Airport Pickup: We help students arrange for Airport Pickup to University Hostel.
  • Checklist Things to Carry– Students carry irrelevant things and just increase the baggage space. The winter clothing which we use in India may not be enough over there. Nakshmedi provides a checklist for Things to Carry country wise.
  • Get-together: New Era does pre-departure orientation in Delhi 5 star hotel and do describe As discussed above the students are going to virtually a completely new environment. Every culture has its unwritten code of conduct. The student has to understand and start following social and cultural norms. Nakshmedi provides them with ab exhaustive checklist for the same country wide.

Post Departure Services

  • Nakshmedi representatives go along with our students from the Airport to the University.
  • We provide the accord facilities to our students till they get a hostel room.
  • We do help you in your hostel registration and allotting you the room.
  • We assist you with the ultimate documentation within the University.
  • We offer 5-10 minutes freed from charge call to our students from the University to your parents/ relatives.
  • We provide you with a local SIM Card from the Tele2.
  • Nakshmedi provides Indian food in hostel mess.
  • We help you with the medical Insurance.We assist you
  • We facilitate you in the issuance of your library card.
  • We help you with the medical Insurance.
  • We assist you for the medical check-up within the University at the time of arrival.
  • We offer proper assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of the Destination Country.
  • We allow you to coordinate with University authorities in Monitoring students’ academic progress and behavior.
  • We offer you with the adequate information and consultation in obtaining a visa for students’ parents to go to their children.
  • We do help you in visa extension for one year.
  • We take care of our students during the whole period of study.
  • We facilitate in providing visas to the oldsters for a visit (if needed).
  • We assist parents in their smooth travel arrangements to visit University.
  • We assist you in getting air tickets during the entire period of study.
  • We assist our students in enrolling for MCI screening test coaching classes within the University.
  • If a student wishes to vary the space in the hostel, assistance is given, provided a real reason given by the student.
  • At the time of emergency, complete assistance is providing by Nakshmedi representatives.